1 November 2016

Stylist Live Haul: Meeting Tanya Burr and Estee Lalonde

Stylist Live Haul | Urban Decay, Meeting Tanya Burr + Estee Lalonde and More!

A couple of weeks ago now, I was lucky enough to attend Stylist Live. This is an event held in London by Stylist Magazine. The event ranges from stalls from beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands, to talks from some of the most influential people around.

The event was held over four days. I decided to attend the Friday session as Tanya Burr and Estee Lalonde were both doing talks and as an aspiring Youtuber I thought what better way to learn about the craft of video making than two of the top experts?

If you'd like to see some of the bits I picked up at Stylist live then watch my haul video below. However if you are just interested in hearing more about my day at the event, scroll on down!

The day before Stylist Live, I was scrolling through Instagram when I hit a photo Tanya had posted, informing anyone who was going to the event that she would be having a book signing held at WHSmith. As soon as I saw this I grabbed my copy of Tanya Bakes and popped it in my bag for the next day! Tanya was absolutely lovely and although she didn't have any tips in particular for Youtube, as her channel has grow completely organically with no strategy on her part (her own words) she did give me a few tips on how to get comfortable in front of the camera!

Until I actually got to the event I had no idea that Estee Lalonde was also doing a book signing! I actually found this out when I stubbled right into one of her talks for the day when I walked in the front door of the Business design centre where it was being held. Words cannot even describe how cool this girl is. When I went to get my copy of Bloom signed, she first of all complimented me on my lipstick (Creeper by Colourpop if you were wondering) which led into a discussion about how much Colourpop are killing it right now. I then asked her if she had any tips for Youtube and she gave me a few video ideas to get me started. I've always really enjoyed Estee's videos but seeing how down to earth and genuinely nice she is in real life has made me love her and her channel even more!

So that was how Stylist Live went for me, if you went to any of the days let me know in the comments below!

I would also really love it if you would support my new Youtube channel (I'm aiming to post 1-2 videos a week, mainly centred on beauty, however I will be touching on other topics as well!). Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvhxzZUT8NsPv32ciPu0Egg 

Anyway, thanks for reading guys! I hope you're all well and until next time bye!


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