3 September 2016

10 Amazing Resources For New Bloggers

10 Amazing Resources For New Bloggers

So today I thought I'd compile a list of resources from lots of different knowledgeable bloggers that I've found useful in my short time of blogging. I find reading what other bloggers have done to make their blogs successful really interesting, I absolutely love learning from those with more experience and I really hope you find this collection of posts useful too!

A Helpful Guide for Utilising Twitter Chats from elleandcompanydesign.com:

If you haven't heard of twitter chats yet, then where have you been? These have to be THE BEST way to promote your blog at the same time as making lots of blogger friends! To find out exactly what you can get out of a twitter chat and how to participate in the most effective way then check out the great post above!

If you start participating in twitter chats then make sure you don't miss #LazyChat at 7pm GMT every Friday over on the @LazyBlogging twitter!

How To Make A Drop Down Navigation Menu On Blogger from jessicaslaughter.co:

This post has to be one of the best blog design posts I have ever read and trust me I've read a lot (I edited the basic blogger template of this site to make it exactly how I wanted without having to spend money to get someone else to do it)! If you want to make your blog easily navigable based on the different topics you post about then make sure you check this post from Jessica out!

Daily To-Dos To Grow Your Blog from kairenvarker.co.uk:

This post is both hilarious and so useful! Before I read this I had no idea that Pinterest boards needed 3 pins a day to be considered 'active' by Pinterest. Before starting a blog I had no idea how much work went into them, posts like this are great at letting you know exactly what you should be doing everyday to increase blog traffic!

How To Create Blog Post Titles That Stand Out (+ Free Cheat Sheets!) from wonderlass.com:

Blog post titles are quite possibly the most important part of your post! They are what grabs your reader's attention and makes them click on your post to read it. Make sure you read this post to make sure you're using your title in the most effective way possible!

Bloglovin (Blog Post Sharing Platform):

Not a useful post but a definite must have resource. If you and your blog are not yet on bloglovin then make sure you sign up now (maybe not right now though as you should probably finish reading this post first ;))! This site allows you to follow the blogs you love and allows people to follow your blog too! As well as this, when you publish a blog post it automatically creates a post about it on your bloglovin account, meaning you don't have to do the hard work! 

Twitter Chat Times and Details from xomisse.com:

As I mentioned before, twitter chats are a must for bloggers! This timetable allows you to see exactly what chats are going on that day and what they're about! I have this blog post open in a tab on my phone as it's SO useful!

How To Rock Your About Me Page from aproblemlikemaria.com:

When you find an amazing blog, what do you do? I tend to click on the about page to find out more about the person who writes these AWESOME posts! This is why you need to make sure your about page is amazing as it is possibly what will make someone subscribe to your blog!

4 Things All Blogs Should Have from foreveramber.co.uk:

If you're in the process of setting up your blog, make sure you've read this post! It will let you know some of the most important things your blog needs!

10 Things To Do In Your First 3 Month Of Blogging from thesitsgirls.com:

I'll be honest, I haven't done everything on this list but that's due to me being a bit of a lazy blogger as I totally agree with all ten things mentioned! 

5 Photography Apps Every Blogger Needs from beautifulearful.blogspot.com:

Not to toot my own horn, but as a bit of a photography addict I would totally recommend reading my recent post about the photography apps you need as a blogger! Photography is a major part of blogging and using these apps will take your photography game to the next level!

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If you have any blogging tips posts then please leave them in a comment down below as I am always looking to read more about blogging!


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