30 August 2016

Top Posts From August

Top Posts From August | 

#LazyBlogging August

So, if you've been following Beautiful Earful this month then you'll most likely know that myself and two other lovely bloggers set up a scheme called #LazyBlogging. Check out my first post about it here: http://beautifulearful.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/lazyblogging-introduction.html#more

We set ourselves the challenge of posting daily on rotation throughout August. Out of this we have decided that we want to act as a source of organisation and encouragement for other bloggers to increase the amount of quality content on their blogs. I can't tell you how excited and happy I am to have started a project like this with two other amazing bloggers!

In fact, we're starting a September Challenge for our lovely Twitter followers (and who ever else wants to join!). Here's the information for that if you would like to participate! 

To round off this month of #LazyBlogging I want to share my favourite posts of the month from all three of us 'lazies!'

My Top Post From Ella:


As a fellow sufferer from anxiety I really enjoyed reading the little things Ella does to cope with her own anxiety. I thought it was such a great post that whilst advocating for mental health wasn't too deep!

My Top Post From Jess:


As soon as I read this post from Jess I knew it was going to be my favourite of the month! It's the beginning of a new series on Almost Chic and it was absolutely hilarious!

If you're in need of a good giggle I'd highly suggest you go over to Jess' blog and read it now!

My Top Post:


I chose this post as my favourite from myself as it went down so well! I'm definitely not saying it got a ridiculous amount of views but it certainly got more and faster views then any of my other posts!

I was also really proud of my photography on this post! It was the first time I'd thought to put a magazine under products and I love how it turned out!

I really hope you've enjoyed #LazyBlogging August and all the content it's created! Please don't forget to follow our Twitter! We have Twitter chats every Friday at 7pm GMT and we also retweet blog posts we're tagged in! 

See you next month, for hopefully just as regular content! 


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