21 August 2016

5 Photography Apps Every Blogger Needs | #LazyBlogging August

5 Photography Apps Every Blogger Needs | 

#LazyBlogging August 

5 Photography Apps Every Blogger Needs

So today I'm going to take you through the top 5 photography and editing apps that I think are essential for every blogger.

I decided to do this post a little differently and use a graphic to tell you about the apps I think you need. This way it's easy to refer back to, e.g. if you save the image or pin the image (hint hint)!

I'll explain the apps in a little more detail below the graphic so do keep reading!

5 Photography Apps Every Blogger Needs


When editing blog photos I go into the Aviary app first. Here I 'enhance' the image by applying the HD setting, this really helps the image look slightly higher in quality than it might have to start with (although I do use my camera to take blog photos so they aren't of bad quality originally). 

I will then increase the brightness of the image, as well as the contrast. I then take the warmth down slightly so the image is more cool toned. I will normally up the saturation ever so slightly just to make sure the colours are true to life. 

The last thing I do in this app is increase the highlights so that the image appears brighter ad whites appear more white.


This app definitely gets some bad press due to it's intended purpose, that being to edit selfies, but I find this a really useful editing app. I will say I never use this for selfies or photos of people (these don't appear on our blog Instagram but obviously they do on my personal Instagram).

I will also mention that this app is a paid for app. I'm not entirely sure how much it costs (I think it's £1.99?) but I would definitely say it's worth the small price you have to pay for it as I use it when editing all our blog photos for Instagram!

Anyway, on to the app itself! I use this app mainly for the whiten tool that allows you to paint over any whites in the image and make them far more vibrant and, well, white! As our blog colour palette and hence our Instagram is quite white focused this tool is extremely helpful!

I also use the smooth tool on this app to make the backgrounds of our images far smoother as I take them on a white wooden table which obviously doesn't have the nicest texture and I want to make sure the products are the focus of our images!

Finally, I use the details tool which sharpens small sections of the image that you choose. I tend to run this tool over any text on products I'm photographing.


What can I say about Canva except for that I LOVE this app! This app is actually really new, I'm talking it can't be much older than two weeks old when I'm writing this! Canva is actually also a website which I used to create all our blog graphics, as well as the images in this post!

Canva has pre-set templates for all types of social media, as well as newletters, magazines etc. It really does allow you to create stunning graphics without being difficult at all. If you don't already use Canva please head over to website now and come back and tell me how amazing their website is!


Over is a similar concept to Canva. This is actually the app we use for creating our graphics over at #LazyBlogging, so if you ever wonder where or how we create our images there then this is your answer!

Over's main feature is basically putting text over images, as is suggested in their name!


I'm pretty sure all of you will have heard of VSCO as it seems to be the app that almost everyone uses to keep their Instagram theme going and I'm no different!

I don't use this for the blog, however I do use it for my personal instagram. It's great as once you've created a set of edits you really like you can copy and paste them onto all your other images, hence creating a really easy way to keep a basic insta theme!

If you would like me to do a video on how I edit my personal Instagram photos then please leave a comment down below and I'll get on it!

What apps do you guys use for editing? Do you use any of those above? Leave us a comment down below and let us know!

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you found it useful and gave you some ideas of what apps to use to edit your photos!

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